You can go out of the door type large hat

You can go out of the door type large hat

Cloakroom is convenient to use, high space utilization, but always and spacious large-sized apartment together. So, is it possible for a small space apartment to have a walking cap? I think, not Tandaqiuquan, in order to meet their actual needs, through careful design, large-sized apartment can also have a good use of the cloakroom.

Case 1

Wife hoping to squeeze in the master bedroom in a cloakroom, I put two seasonal clothing, underwear, bedding and master of the season. To this end she is willing to abandon the main bedroom part of the space, while giving up the 1.8 meters wide bed.

First changed the master bedroom entrance, figure, sealed the door, open a door. Then on the inside with red brick a cloakroom, cloakroom wall just as the door screen wall.

In locker rooms start planned without custom cabinets (mainly because of expensive, especially in the drawer, too expensive), for I am familiar with the IKEA Eggert series to separate, draw back with a little margin, and then tell the Mason size. The entire cloakroom is 2.25 meters wide and 1.15 meters deep, because the space is limited. I am careful about the size of the centimeter and the centimeter. The detailed design of the final version is as follows. It has been tossing about 3 editions, and has been playing with Eggert’s components.

This cloakroom all components of the 90% are in the idle fish Amoy second-hand, back clean disinfection, the remaining 10% friends to send home extra, part of the IKEA purchase, spent a total of approximately one thousand and two hundred, feel the price is high.

If space allows, can install size based on IKEA instructions on each side of the left at least 2 cm, one is to prevent the factors affecting the ultimate combination of uncertainty, the two is convenient with the impact of drilling in the wall on one side.

    我是全部自己安装的,根据以往的经验,放入红砖墙里的膨胀螺套用了德国的 快鱼,正确安装的话,比宜家的膨胀螺套牢固。


Whole cloakroom fully adjustable, the current is roughly divided as follows: left right middle can hang the season clothes, pants, skirts. The upper shelf on seasonal bedding, around the upper pull basket season sweater, sweater etc.. The left and right baskets are always dressed in the season, and the two basket in the middle is placed in the underwear. The two baskets are alive and can be pulled out to facilitate the access of the items in the corners of the two sides.

This cloakroom by careful design, the actual volume is huge, and it is also convenient to use.

And in the final version of preliminary completion

In the final version of completed!

In case two

In a Sumitomo plan in the children’s room in the corner of a mini bar cloakroom, put the children’s clothing, bedding, toys, but there are two water pipes under the big, asked me to help out. Very skillfully, the Sumitomo is just about first thousand powder, so he made a plan for reference in his spare time, and also used the IKEA Eggert series.

The left the fixed wall, with Eggert metal shelf (formaldehyde standard, flexible use, ease of use) by Eggert pipes on both sides of the basket component, then you can pull out convenient repair water pipes, between the two groups in the basket, can be set according to the requirements of rack.

In clear objectives, careful design, large-sized apartment has a cloakroom is not a dream.

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