Use shelving to make home fun

Use shelving to make home fun

There are many cabinets used to live in the house, all can put the cupboard basically put the cupboard, there was a friend to play when you say how. There is a period of time it is love that empty feeling, but occasionally feel boring.

When the new home decoration, storage reservoir and dew, although still do a lot of indomitable spirit of the large cabinets part of the wall; do not only satisfy the storage shelves, and can let the home become interesting.


The first installation was the shelf system of the restaurant.

Mainly because of the whole wood plate down was met the black walnut.

When brand: house carpenter (shelf bracket, the bottom of the whole wood plate are house carpenter) can be added to their specific zzringo or WeChat Hangzhou: Shanghai: zestman-slab consulting

Shelf width: 28cm

Installation tools: electric hammer.

This is the installation site taken. Compared with other shelving, this shelf system is a little difficult to install, but once loaded, it is most convenient to increase and reduce the shelf.

The following figure is the appearance of ver 2 after adding a piece of board

And also a lot of people have asked the hanging basket under the shelf also answered many times, the same section has the shelf, there is a need to go to Taobao or IKEA to buy a similar.

Also consider adding shelves, can put some plants here

And the appearance of ver3.

And the appearance of ver4 (also present.)


The restaurant’s shelf is 2 meters long, a part of the blanking and a folding bracket. There is a window on the shelf.

Stents: Taobao folding scaffold

Installation tools: electric drills (the rest of the rest are the same)

Check up when back down the shelf

When spread can put a little something down


The hood on the edge of the shelf with the window wall, also the restaurant shelves more than expected.

Support: Taobao search support many similar models.

And then the more conveniently with the shelf, in the Taobao custom two. A block is placed in the cupboard under the lower.

In another piece with a folding bracket at the edge of the pond. When washing out for storage, shelf can be put under the washing food down

When folded down and usually save space


It may not be a shelf, but I’ll use it as a shelf anyway.

品牌: migration

It’s a lot narrower than the usual shelf, but because there’s a bar on the edge, it’s still able to put things out. It’s very convenient to drop a magazine, put a remote control, and put down the water cup. Because of narrow, do not worry about hitting down

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