See how the maniac saves the mini toilet

See how the maniac saves the mini toilet

The bathroom space is one of the most frequently used daily, bottles and cans pieces are special, little attention is crowded.

How can the mini toilet be saved in a mess? Choose more small bathroom appliances, do dry and wet separation, make full use of vertical space to do, space can also be very orderly.

The choice of style

The 1. column hand washing pool is simple and small, but its capacity is weak.

2. want to take a part of the pool to undertake a part of the task, you can choose the desktop, use the lower cabinet to store the items.

The if the space is too small, also can try to sink in the bathroom outside, dry separation more thoroughly, but these preparations to do:

1. washbasin and toilet only the best wall, convenient layout of hot and cold water pipes;

2. the surrounding need to do waterproof work, can be paved with ceramic tiles or brush waterproof paint;

3. available curtain, screen or a partition block a wooden fence.

Poke below the guide, see more small sink layout method


The storage space of small bathroom is not much, can install a cabinet, the bottles are placed in the bathroom mirror and let space be made one.

You can choose the :

1. direct purchase, choose the style, color suitable for your bathroom.

2. custom cabinet, cabinet width is generally not less than table width, width can be customized with the wall cabinet, more sense. You can also keep a little space on both sides to put a towel rack.

The should pay attention to these problems:

1. cabinet internal well stratified, reasonable arrangement of storage space.

2. semi open kitchen cabinet is also a good choice, spare items in the cupboard, everyday items on the open shelf.

3. if the main light source in the bathroom in the middle of the ceiling, when washing and brushing may add a set of backlight lamps in the lighting around the cabinet.

Poke below the guide, see more cabinet layout proposal



The niches make use of the wall to collect, not only save space, but also have a certain decorative effect. Do in the wash counter can receive cleaning supplies, toilet paper and mobile phone can let go, the shower can put shampoo bath lotion.

The how to do?

1. in the decoration, the fit niches are reserved directly on the non load-bearing walls, and the top and back are reinforced.

2. if the wall has been built, the cutting machine can be cut, and then the reinforcement is done.

3. large niche can also be used as a shelf for stratification, and the capacity is stronger.

Poke below, see niche layout Sumitomo home in other toilet is also surrounded by a lot of hidden storage space, for example, on both sides of the gap, and the top of the wall. How to make use of these spaces and collect all the toiletries and cleaners? You can:

The in the toilet; surrounding shelves, storage basket collocation classification, looks more clean.

The use of shelves, hanging rods, vertical storage basket.

The selection of multilayer storage car with a pulley, small volume, portable, flexible use.

Poke below the guide, see more unique coup



How do the specific:

1. try a smaller size bathtub. Now there are small 1.2-1.4 – meter – long baths on the market.

The 2. toilet and hand wash can also be small.

3. reasonable arrangement of the distance between sanitary ware, compact arrangement.

The use of the bathtub, should pay attention to these problems:

1. clean bathtub should be with soft cloth or sponge with neutral detergent, avoid dark or high alkaline detergent.

2. after the use of the bathtub to keep dry, to avoid water.

3. if there is any damage to the bathtub, contact the manufacturer to repair it in time to avoid leakage or other safety accidents.

Many Sumitomo had moved into a small bathroom bathtub, not letter stamp



We all say good dry and wet, but if the toilet area is too small, it is more crowded after the partition is added. At this time, try to try out the shower curtain to complete the dry and wet separation.

– shower curtain rod are generally in the form of two:

1. one font hanging bar, if you do not want to punch in the wall, you can choose to dismantle a convenient pole.

The 2. L type hanger can create a simple shower room at the corner of the bathroom.

The cleaning shower curtain:

The 1. cloth shower curtain is washed with hot soapy water, and the iron is ironed and smooth after drying.

2. plastic shower curtain available cloth dipped in vinegar or diluted alcohol wipe, can also go to mildew disinfection.

Poke below the guide, see more shower curtain layout skills


Although the bathroom is small, it can also be all five dirty

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