No receipt, no living (a kitchen)

No receipt, no living (a kitchen)

A man doesn’t understand his life, to see the kitchen, the kitchen area is not large, but it can test the ability of housekeeping. A variety of network big gods provide a lot of learning ideas, combined with the actual situation of their own home, and also summed up some of the experience in the kitchen. .

The reception is not merely a break off, but a prerequisite for meeting the needs of the host. It follows the two basic principles of life sorting, which are “the most needed things in the nearest place” and the articles and their use environment. .

It seems that the most interesting of the friends, the most of what my kitchen is receiving, the following key system introduction.


The principle of kitchen storage is “28 methods”, which is not good enough to hide in 80% places, and is hidden in the most needed position. 20% of the good looks are bright and bright. .

My kitchen is about 4 meters long (including the small balcony that is now doing housework). It is about 1 meters wide and is a long, narrow area. We bought second-hand housing, the original owners in the kitchen on the other side of a temporary narrow mesa very shabby, filled the kitchen utensils of various dishes and messy, it makes me realize the original kitchen storage storage space can not meet at the beginning of the design requirements, after it is very difficult to correct. So start to consider the full. And for the I type kitchen, only one side table is not enough when it is prepared. So, I designed the kitchen to do both sides of the table. One side wide table is used for washing dishes, cooking, and making narrow table on the other side, which is used to prepare vegetables, while increasing storage space, and can also wrap up the ugly pipes. The overall effect map is as follows:

In the middle for two meters wide aisle, through no problem.


Considering the living habits and kitchen area, I put the refrigerator in the living room. The main ingredients in the kitchen are five grains and dry goods. The depth of the narrow table is about 20 centimeters. I bought a box on Taobao that is just right for this depth, and with a desiccant, it is very suitable for storing food. Each storage box is attached with a small label to facilitate the search.


Because when cooking, we need to get seasoning at any time, so the seasoning is placed nearest to the hearth. It is designed with a basket and ready to be used at any time to keep it clean. The container for dressing is bought in IKEA, and it will not spill. Liquids such as high bottles, soy sauce and vinegar have not yet been significantly volatilized at present. There are two outlet designs for small bottles, such as chicken essence and salt, which can be used for opening according to their needs. Single hand opening is very convenient.


Tableware is also one of the most commonly used items, so place it in easy to use. Three layers of drawers are designed under the kitchen table, the height is different, the first floor is put on the tableware, the second, third floor plate and the bowl are placed. This part is the whole kitchen of BOLONI with its own, with separate columns in the drawer. It can adjust the size flexibly, and it is suitable for obsessive-compulsive disorder. .



In a cabinet long like this.


Because cooking habits readily use cooking utensils, so my family used cookers on the wall, bought IKEA’s pole, hook, tray and so on, making full use of wall. Figure drainboard is josephjoseph, the need for clean tableware, a large quantity of dishwashers (later provided), if only a few pieces, after hand washing clothes here.

And incidentally, the classification of block josephjoseph family is also very good, according to the different ingredients to choose the corresponding block, avoiding odor or bacterial cross infection, and eliminates the need to buy their own so many different kinds of block not convenient for storage and distress, this material is also very easy to take care of. .

On the other side of the wall in the kitchen is also used, the installation rack LeifHeit. According to your own cooking habits, install it on the opposite side of the operating table and oven. It can cut fresh-keeping film, aluminum foil and plastic bags, and no longer need to open drawers and take scissors to cut them at any time. In addition, the kitchen paper towel can be hung and some small clips are installed. IKEA’s small clip is very good to use. It can not finish eating, but also needs plastic bags. The seal is directly sealed by this clip, and it is well sealed, and it is no problem to freeze in cold storage. It will not freeze.


Cleaning supplies are included in two places. Most of them are in the housekeeping area on the small balcony of the outside of the kitchen. In the washing machine dishwasher, they play the partition board, which is used with the receiving box with the hand. It is convenient to take. The main washing liquid, cleaning agent, etc. in the receiving box.

On the kitchen counter height than about ten cm high, sometimes used to cooking and food preparation. The bottom is the washing machine and the dishwasher.

When the dishwasher is also sometimes used to receive dishes, quite large capacity.

On the opposite wall posts whipsaws hook, broom, mop can have to rely on the place.

Check under the sink above, I use Diaogui, sucker hook dehub, the sponge clip inside. On the one hand, as far as possible to speed up the sponge drying, on the other hand, if the drop of water, you can directly drop in the basin.

In the wash basin can be wasted space. After installing water purification, direct drinking and garbage disposers, there is still some space. So I bought Taobao telescopic rods to hang the most commonly used cleaning products, such as gloves, brushes and so on. .

The above is the content of my kitchen, if there is a new feeling in the future and then send the picture.

I’m trying to understand life in the groping.

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