Life is not what day is the makeshift, lazy brown girl receive entry

Life is not what day is the makeshift, lazy brown girl receive entry

Hello, I’m the sister of floating clouds. When a indulged life experiment, unproductive old sister!

For us this 2 people moving the 16 big boxes for the couple, included in our daily lives is a long-standing problem. In particular, the rough life also committed lazy cancer, the whole decoration period, we did not have a good visit to the furniture city. All the furniture and all storage products from IKEA and godfather of my home. (yes, an omnipotent treasure.) In September, we moved into a new home and began a step – by step attempt to try to clean up our mess in a variety of simple and lazy ways.
Box 1. plastic box IKEA IKEA putaker
IKEA putaker plastic box counting is one of IKEA’s most high quality and inexpensive products. Especially for those who have Chinese small charge.

But my brother (and I object as close as the two bestie) life, not so much food is stored. And IKEA’s collection box also has disadvantages. There are 17 sets of 11 is not a big box, food. So, I used to install other small stuff.
Coin receipt
As a late obsessive-compulsive disorder, coins are also classified. 51 Fen yuan coins used for daily shopping are used in foreign currencies that are not used for travel. There are 10 fen coins that are not too much to be spent.

Spare button sewing box to buy clothes with the thread wait for a small box storage, do not have to worry about can not find with litter.

2. cetrimonium rack
It was originally bought in the kitchen, but the wall of the kitchen was made of artificial marble, and the drilled holes were crevices. So I gave up the wall of the Finn shelf. Finally put in the mystery, can hang the daily bag, umbrella and so on. Put a bucket of dried flowers, is the best.  

3. runsta seamless sucker hook hanger
Cetrimonium hook is useless, so buy runsta seamless sucker hook hanger. The heavy things can not be hung, a little light can bear. Some light tools can spoon chopsticks on the wall, the current stability can also be washed.  

4. IKEA Anthony storage lattice
1 filling wire container
Under the TV cabinet drawer, installed a charging line, all kinds of electronic products such as cable, socket. Small pieces of thread to receive the green plate. With Anthony holding large storage lattice strip, wire plug, switch first sundries.  

Box 2 socks underwear storage was bought much of the buy more on the master bedroom wardrobe drawer, classification of sock underwear. It’s a bit rough, but it’s a good use.

5. Samra plastic storage box
When choosing the drawer storage box, there are a lot of tangled, unique material modeling exquisite box was wild with joy. Then read the teacher’s “little Lu Wei, more live benefit more” really shallow. The five criteria that she recommends to pick up the container is
1 Party: square priority
2 stack: easy stacking
3 penetration: at a glance
4: more general
5 beauty: elegant appearance
It looks a bit dull except Samra, others are perfect with. For the internal storage cabinet drawer do really very practical. The drawers of each drawer, just put two Samra storage box. The use of the highest frequency of the pen, the dismantling of express scissors, small tape and so on in the first place, and the medicine and rechargeable treasure of all kinds of electronic products. And every large category is remembered and no more labels on the box.  

  home groceries, basically a commode several groups all receive + Samra neat, efficient use of space. The table on the home is clean and refreshing, not messy. In the former, I would probably buy a dozen Samra, in my home is everywhere. For me this before looking for a nail knife to carry off all that one has ten minutes rough man, Sam really fine life the first step.
For the past few years, with the excuses of busy work, all the confusion has been taken as a reason.
Finally, in this city, we have our own home.
It’s not a day in life that is supposed to be made up. IKEA these easy-to-use storage products, and adhere to good habits for everything and everything in its place, may soon be able to let me see the changes brought to life.

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