It’s the dream of a lot of girls to hear about this cloakroom

It’s the dream of a lot of girls to hear about this cloakroom

Every three family should have a reading room with a husband, a child’s room to play with, and the hostess’s exclusive space (the cloakroom). If your home is not, then you must have decorated a set of fake houses or a fake marriage!  

Question 1: if the house is decorated, do you think there must be a cloakroom in the home?

  answer: the cloakroom is a necessity for me, and it is a part of the house that will be considered.  

Question 2: if the space conditions in your home can only be allowed to choose one in the room and the cloakroom?

Answer: I will choose cloakroom, because the study can be put into the open in the living room design.

  question 3: in the end, which space is used in the home as a cloakroom?

  answer: 10.5 square meters of restrooms in the main bedroom.

In order to give you a clearer understanding of the whole cloakroom layout, the hands on the original design plan of cloakroom, beg to take it

The above is the design plan of the three wall wall. In the later period, there are some minor changes due to the thickness of the plate.



Remember to go out every time, in order to make a model full of running, that picture is almost!!!!!

The dresser in the locker room, your “storage room” instantly upgrade to “change the cube”

The dressing table must be moved into the locker room to sit here and have the queen fan children ~ makeup

“A beautiful makeup to change your mood to pick clothes never because sumianchaotian but no sense, in the mirror as if you put on what to look good in it

The skin care products do all too much inventory in the storage box, and then take out aiyan ~

“Never find it a long enough lipstick on your common skincare and make-up perfume, please enjoy the beautiful ~

The beloved earrings will not only a buyout hand you, a drawer placed orderly pick earrings, rings, necklaces conveniently, simply look at the mood brooch is excellent, bling-bling your love to

The world so neat beautiful So that is what it is. OCD can save a lot of rummage completely and pick the time, the choice of difficulties of you, I can only say (Zi) Mo (Qiu) can help (Duo) (Fu)

“This drawer nail polish, I want to do is reach out

Does that remind you of those scattered around less and less hair and hair band, as you really are suffering.



Is not every season is suffering from procrastination, because so many clothes really tears ah

Is not to wear clothes could not find the total, a quarter of the old eyeful, these who bought

It is not good to rub the brightly coloured white dress, really can not bear to look

Can the load of more than 100 pounds of the clothes hanging rod carry all your season pressure, spring and autumn and winter to choose to

Those clothes according to color up if we don’t know what to wear it today, I can only say “cool mushroom please self-respect!”

Long gown, jacket, and hanging clothes become easy collocation classification to

This is a daily experience in shopping.



The bag so much, what is included?  

Three walls all want to do the cabinet, the corner of space in the end how do not waste?  

There’s a hat that can’t be worn many times in a year. Where should I go?

  pants hang pants hang up at all, I go (cover my face)

The original corner do die could hang a winter coat at a glance, easy to pick up

The hat is too many rows not afraid not afraid enough depth, which can also put a layer of Na, outside a row of commonly used to put.

How long a scarf hanging in the pants hanging trousers to put down than to hang a scarf

Long pants where a drawer from shallow to deep, from long to short jeans really too close, do not wash to wash it anyway, never mind a drawer is a cowboy (Jian Xiao)

The classic black and white ash is love all-match simply pick up to a second

“And” energy-saving cheap “flower terrace pants arrangement, let you cool ~

The pick finished clothes choose bag bag bag bag are put in order to facilitate the selection

Long bag slots do go to the largest amount of bag house (check the largest dream-bag size)

How long do you not dust dust bag?

The whole body mirror can have such a huge mirror at the same time that it saves space, can be completely rotated and jumps, can you take a circle at 360 degrees?!

Wear clothes, pick up a bag and see what other equipment does not bring together.


How to put the handbag, the wallet will not be forgotten

Poser artifact – Sunglasses in?

Killed you, I don’t believe that you only say the hat turned cube, your shoes go?

The wallet is not forgotten eye-catching piled up in the mirror will see the place to pick a satisfactory wallet bag to choose according to today

“This basket of essential handbags trendsetter can really heap a lot

The travel bag, shoulder bag, canvas bag more also do not worry, neatly packed into the drawer, looking for is also very convenient

The sun glasses too much room off the box, put it into the drawer, put the number of how many want to put

The cloth pad increase friction, glasses no longer fight ~

This is also my hat, hat really number peaked cap at a glance, too Naisai.

The control is so chosen socks socks, grey black and white color for a variety of convenient to

The star style shoes that are not grounded are not suitable for me. The smell of my shoes will string up in the whole cloakroom. The shoe cabinet with a whole wall is very convenient for taking off shoes and shoes at the entrance.

Well, the shape is finished! Take a husband and take a child to get out of the street.


Question 1: how to do the open cloakroom ash?  


  question 2: what do you do with more and more clothes that are not enough to hang up?  

Answer: what? So don’t you get rid of outdated outfits you don’t like quickly?  

Question 3: where do you buy the dresser?

Answer: whole cloakroom is that carpenter gave me the dresser is a reference to the basic models of IKEA, has done for our family size and color.  

Question 4: where are the hangers and clothes hangers?  

Answer: because I have very high load bearing requirements, and the outside of a lot of wardrobe clothes are very hard to hang. So the decorating master specially helped me to search for the very good hardware accessories. The words of the hanger were on the Taobao, but they were not produced, and they didn’t make up for the restocking.

My advice to all of you is: white, not too heavy, the shoulder is anti skid treatment, shoulder design.  

Question 5: where to buy leather handbags and storage compartment?

  answer: IKEA including the flannelette in the sunglasses drawer is bought by IKEA, and the dressing mirror and the mirror lamp are also.

  Question 6: where are the accessories and divisions in the jewelry drawer?  

Answer: MUJI no print but the domestic price is really expensive, I bought in Japan when the exchange rate is good.

  Question 7: what about the make-up chair?

Answer: Windsor chair, HAY 



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