Follow the ash phobia concealment

Follow the ash phobia concealment

“Ash phobia” patients, the specific manifestation of the inability to endure a trace of dust and chaos at home, often turned into a clean and clean maniac.

In this period, 6 treatments are prepared for this kind of patients. It makes the housework easier by improving the way of collecting and blocking the dust to the maximum.

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Storage capacity assumes.

The cabinet of indomitable spirit does not leave health corner, with more storage space, but also the tool to help you have a minimalist home.

The custom cabinets need to pay attention to is:

1. like the cabinets, shoe cabinet, should choose the cabinet door area as far as possible, color and space color unified design, do not appear big color block color.

2. don’t waste the entrance, corridors, stairs and other space, with the debris of indomitable spirit cabinet to hide.

In order to make space more personal, it is better to do color cabinet directly. The following guidelines for inspiration..



Storage capacity assumes it

In the hall closet, can receive a one-stop solution to home problems. For example, the overcoat and cap, and the key umbrella, are more important to prevent the dust from the outside.

The closet is generally for custom manufacturers, the common two kinds of style:

The 1. one is from the ground to the roof of the general style, the overall sense of stronger.

2. the other is divided into the upper and lower two parts, the middle of a table, can be placed at hand.

There are many closet door style options, click on the bottom of the specific look guide.



Storage capacity assumes it

Because the open bookcase is not obscured, it is easy to accumulate dust on the bookshelves and books, and it is very troublesome to clean up. Closed bookcase is a more suitable option for patients with ash phobia.

That you can customize according to their own needs the bookcase, for example:

Closed 1. large bookcase, a whole bookshelves, you have to pick up all the books and ornaments.

2. using the corner area, a small enclosed bookcase placed there, and other functional areas use collocation.

Want to see more in the form of closed bookcase, quickly punctured below the guide bar.



Storage capacity. You can feel.

Sideboard is not only used to store the dishes, also can put soup, temporary dishes, provide much convenience for life.

The cabinet on the use of dinner while you can:

1. choose the full enclosed dining side cabinet, hide the clutter, avoid dust invasion.

2. if the dishes look good, try to take the glass door of the cupboard and put them neatly displayed.

Besides the storage, what are the use of the side cabinet? Guide below to see the details of your stamp.



Storage capacity. You can feel it

The tea table has both decorative effect and a small amount of goods to be collected. But if it is not in time, the surface of the tea table can easily accumulate dust, and it seems to be confused.

How to ensure the table clean and ample storage space?

1. choose the tea table with drawers. Drawer capacity, loose items can all income, convenient for.

2. folding and lifting multi-functional tea is also good. In peacetime, the idle things are hidden, and occasionally can be used as a desk, table, more practical.

What are the light styles of the reception type tea table? Click below to see it guide.



Storage capacity. You can feel it

When making up cosmetics, we often meet these situations.

1. bottles of different shapes, not easy to tidy up, dust is difficult to clean after.

The 2. drawer was in a mess, looking for something basically “planing”.

How do the dust easy to handle, and clean and beautiful?

1. the regular supplies on the desktop, you can use a transparent acrylic box.

The 2. drawer internal storage grid to partition, avoid crooked things.

3. small bathroom cabinet recommended containing cosmetics, can isolate the dust moisture, but should pay attention to ventilation.

What are the good use of the gadgets? Look stamp below guide.


Do you learn these dustproof and receiving skills?

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