Do not hit the cabinet and do the whole house

Do not hit the cabinet and do the whole house

We moved into a hardcover house and, for a variety of reasons, decided not to further decorate it. No decoration, does not mean to do overall planning, hastily layout; instead, it is because there is no layout according to their wishes, the lack of infrastructure (such as storage cabinets, into the wall, holding full tatami) planning is more important.

First come to “avoid the short” to do not rely on the hard loading of the collection. The strength is flexible and thorough flexibility, and “uncertainty about the population change and lifestyle change in the next 5 years” is one of the reasons why we don’t decorate. So in the early stages of planning, I set the “reconstructive” of each space. With high transformation space, furniture with no need to be fixed can be changed at any time. There will be no great change in the space with less transformation, and furniture can be fixed.

Figure 1 – green for high transformation space, the word between slashes is the possible use of space; yellow for the low transformation space, black word indicates the exact use of the space. Software: SketchUp + PPT

The shortcoming is obvious: the place, the irregular. Wall + furniture is thicker than the cabinet partition by 20 centimeters, and the space at the top and bottom is not fully utilized. Any furniture is an inability to exist. Even when the door is closed, there is no eye out of mind. Every furniture cabinet door is different.

In Figure 2 – neat example, I love this home, the unity of unity, the messy messy. Source: Apartment Therapy

Now I’ll simply share how I can solve the shortcoming. I am not a very simple fan of wind, the past family has been using open, heart, mental tolerance, back in situ obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are the same as me, my experience is applicable.


This is the most important thing in the whole plan – the principle of centralization. Planning a few sides of the wall at home, buying the whole wall of the storage furniture, everything is concentrated. In addition to other space, only in charge of comfort, good looking.

In Figure 3 – storage wall of my home is mainly concentrated in the north, the South warm and bright, for human activities. Yellow is an elevated storage, and the cabinet is more than 1.7 meters. Green is a semi elevated storage, 1.0-1.7 m. There is no scientific basis for this distinction, but it is easy to understand the “degree of depression” in a space. Software: SketchUp + PPT, do not care about the number is the reverse writing of this detail…

It is the principle of proximity that is complementary to centralization. With the storage space, which things to put the wall, as “the use of the nearest scene” to determine it. Why do you say that they complement each other? Because it’s near to get out of the center, which is the equivalent of throwing things around. It’s not ideal to get away from the neighborhood. The principle of proximity allows you to think: what walls should be put into the wall to be most accessible, and avoid storing all the stores in a corner. Take a sock and go through the whole house and wear it back.

图4 – 我家的几块储物空间。衣物靠近卧室,书籍靠近起居(其实我的起居空间到处都是书,这是后话),厨具在厨房里,杂物在一个角落里。在起居和睡眠空间,我几乎没有设置任何储物,我需要这两个空间层次简单,一眼望穿。


Buy and buy furniture! Set the collection wall, have the function demand, have the size, have the style, should go to the mall. For a person who lives on the side of IKEA, shopping in shopping mall is IKEA shopping (to buy furniture, buy daily necessities, buy vegetables to eat ~), but the key here is not which shelf is good, which cupboard is easy to use, but what kind of storage furniture it should buy for the wall to buy.

Everything can be flexibly separated. The fixed plate not only the best, don’t separate transverse (unless there is a lot of the same height of the goods, or waste a lot of space, forcing OCD) can separate the (carefully, use a lot of telescopic rod and drawer separated compartments).  

In short, we should be able to “use the finished cabinets to make a customized effect.”  

Figure 5/6/7 – Eva, Eggert and Billy of my family are relatively flexible storage furniture. There are similar kaleck, Ickert, and Parks beyda. Other brands are similar.

Sundries like this

This clothes.

This book.


Because of the miscellaneous items, a lot of people will use “stacking”. Stacking is indispensable, a lot of large items often can only be stacked, but the problem of stacking is also obvious: difficult to take, easy to pour, easy to pile up more.

My solution is to limit the stacked area. After the piling up area is drawn, the small items are classified according to local conditions.

“Lying”: the division of short lattice, the flat items stacked sideways;

“Vertical”: divide the narrow grid and set up the taller items.

“Hang up”: install the hook to hang up the light items.

“Drawer”: in the drawer, put the fragmentary items.

In Figure 8 – lying drawer type, vertical, to small grid storage case. Source: network, deleting

Each home goods, living habits, family space are not the same, I would like to share some of my useful principles, hope to help as much as I buy finished furniture and old furniture Sumitomo thinking: “although the loss of some initiative, I can do what makes everything arranged in good order at home? “After all, not everyone will choose to start a new house from the hair embryo, but everyone is worth living.

Below share a few big storage space inside the home distribution, give you reference, please instruct. .

The storage room with Eva #1: 260x50x170 #2: 134x30x124


In the cloakroom with #1: 240x38x192 #2: 120x38x192 + AGT wardrobe closet #3: 118x61x202 red women territory, blue men, no common color

The study is with Billy + a heap of messy old iron leather suitcases #1: 240x28x106/202 #2: 185x various x 100

The porch cabinet is made by the developer and is the only wall cabinet in the house. The design of the cabinet violates every point in the principle of flexible separation. I got a lot of drawers and hook inside barely can be used to 180x30x230.

When the cabinet is too ugly, not figure


I like to see articles written by Sumitomo, how to store a tea table on DIY, how to make a tall partition with unremarkable material, how to clean the kitchen with baking soda, and how to plant plants in water bottles. Compared to those hard ten knowledge eight note, you don’t know if I told you, a man put his home more beautiful and more comfortable after selflessly put methods to share out, not only useful, and warm. My writing is also based on this. Thank you, Sumitomo.  

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