DIY kitchen closet vertical partition board storage

DIY kitchen closet vertical partition board storage

Methods third times finishing this DIY vertical partition plate in the closet, before the kitchen storage card to ask below 1000 words, no limit and doubled in the words of the details in the article.


At the design stage of the early decoration, we saw a good picture of the foreign kitchens in the WeChat public push. It was very convenient to have it at that time. .

And then when I was in the order of the cabinet, took this picture out to the side of the cupboard, but they say there is no such accessories and production program. Check.

DIY my ideal, in fact there is a carpenter in the decoration field, let them in a board slot, then made some wood to separate, similar to the following.

And the home carpentry engineering dragged a little long, but also did not dare to ask the carpenter to do, he can only go on their way to DIY road…


Do the girls should have to worry about baking some large baking sheet and large block storage, sideways in the cupboard, extraction is very troublesome, vertical in the cupboard will be together. Not every kitchen has a rich, high drawer that specializes in these items.

So the vertical closet like segmentation extraction, is a perfect storage scheme!



If the house is made of high Guilai embedded oven, I strongly recommend in the oven above the cupboard to do this DIY!

Because the depth of the cabinet is the same as the depth of the oven, it can be seen that the dark grey in my picture is the large baking tray which is brought by the oven. It occupies a lot of space. After such a vertical storage, the utilization rate of the cabinet is not too high.

Because of my DIY two such cabinets, so the high cabinet left I removed two vertical plates, put a small drawer, to incorporate some of the mini baking mold.


Most of the kitchen will have such a closet, if not baking can also incorporate some of the block and the big plate, very convenient. I received some steamer accessories dishes here.

(long according to the picture to see the details and instructions)


(refer to my above completion chart)


In general the internal layer cabinet is movable, the adjustment you can let the cabinet master to do, just let them in the side plate of the partition board to move the drilling well.

Closet space land, don’t waste! The partition board is 1 centimeters higher than the maximum number.



The height of the acrylic board is less 3mm than the height of the cabinet.

Depth, compared to the depth of the cabinet suggest a small 6-7cm, leave a plate when the grab space. The depth of the cabinet is just as deep as the cabinet, and the door is not well used.

High depth is accurate to millimeter, and the manufacturer also requires the manufacturer to be accurate to millimeter, especially the height.

Taobao is engaged in making acrylic boards. It is suggested that the location of the delivery place is close to itself. It is very heavy, and more than 10 kilos will be more than a few pieces. The price is not too cheap, the poor quality of the plate cutting edge will be very ugly. Can let the store send a small sample, first look at the sense of quality.

My order is to make a sand surface. The thickness is 3mm. The plate is slightly softer than this thin, and the price of 5mm is expensive and is too heavy to recommend the increase in the pressure of the cabinet.


How can the spacing between the partition board be fixed? Look what you want to put. It’s one or two centimeters more than a big grill, and it’s enough.

I left 7cm and 12cm (a big edge out of more than two separate).

In practice, because only the top plate grain card, here is not fixed, then put the pan acrylic plate is naturally inclined adaptive to both sides, but can receive more things, is to use a little surprise after!

How far is the two laminate between particles? If the ordered acrylic plate of 3mm thickness, 6mm or so, my stay 10mm a little too wide (he was also afraid of master punch tremor, two hole nearly broke, actually master punch good haha).


Why 5mm bit, cabinet manufacturer’s general size.

Drilled this step suggested that the cabinet installation master drill, the cabinet laminate is generally 18mm, a little thin, it is not easy to drill easily and easily wear. I have an atissue box and accidentally hit a hole…

If you want to drill yourself, be sure! Be sure! Use a carpenter’s special drill with a spiral!! (Taobao is lazy) don’t use a common triangle bit! Blood and tears… Because the cabinet is much harder than the solid wood board. Quite a lot!! It’s not a joke. It is difficult to drill with a common triangle drill. It should be done several times, and it is not good to control the strength. .

It’s 2 things to make a density board for a cupboard and a wooden plank for solid wood.


What is a laminates? Your cupboard is underneath the laminate with that little thing. I finished DIY with acrylic plate the picture you are.

Taobao search keywords: laminates. This is a very cheap one. When you buy it, it is clear that it is suitable for the drilling of 5mm. I bought a set of plastic belt slip, ordinary metal has no problem.


Here’s an operation chart: (look at the details and explain the text according to the picture)

Check plate grain, was originally designed horizontal plug, so we will plug vertical drop, how to do? .

The solution is to put a bit of paper tape on the tail (Taobao has) or textured paper (stationery store), add a little bit of diameter and friction, and the plug is very tight in the hole under the bottom board. .


I just said that when I made the fixed vertical acrylic board, the size of the upper and lower sides of the 3mm was enough, and the height was accurate to the millimeter.


Paste adhesive Velcro in the plate (as shown in the following figure, the plate edge white stuff, Taobao buy cheap), a little height and size of friction, especially if you can put some loose layer…

I have written this way to admire their ability to solve the problem of unknown ha (shameless (into _ into `)



If DIY you think it’s difficult (actually it’s really easy to write this in detail?!)

Vertical storage, I began to try to use a movable tray frame, the IKEA, Waruila cover frame design is also very reasonable price. (below the official network commodity screenshot)

But the scheme of this shelf is much less comfortable than the vertical partition board. Pull out the baking pan is not smooth, and the big roast plate is heavier and the dump is serious.  

This kind of place in the kitchen is how much thought and convenience. Of course, all the places where the house is decorated is so!

The DIY scheme with laminate and acrylic board can be adjusted at any time. .

Good to write so long, to see what is true love! (into _ into `)

So many pieces of my hair Home Furnishing picture, like the kitchen storage is the most popular, on the other kitchen storage, can I turn it on the page, this picture over tens of thousands of words, I will be free after finishing a special article out (E ‘)

And finally put a kitchen, two cabinet quickly find DIY where ha ha!

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