| desktop storage storage solutions

| desktop storage storage solutions

Desk is an important part of life for me. I spend almost the rest of my work in front of my desk, so if space permits, I hope that my desk can be extended indefinitely, so that I can expand my space to do things.

And don’t let love things scattered carelessly, when to take the can be found, so even if a lot of things, I have to do in the desktop storage.

I put a few nearly a year in different time desktop storage, now the prevailing wind, 00 pieces for too much of me, nothing about desktop is not feasible, try to do a lot and not chaos.

Now the map on the desk

And in last month’s desktop storage, things a little less than now

And when the desk in the library before

Check for storage items mainly from the following places

– Muji 无印良品

– local Japanese grocery store

– Taobao

MUJI storage series


The PP collection series and the acrylic collection series are mainly used in the desktop receiving

On the left:

Cover acrylic two layer storage box (good index:…)

Small PP / drug storage box (good index:….)

In figure Sonny the Angel station is two layer type acrylic cover storage box, Mr. Damour station is the place of small PP storage box, and now the former official website are not sold in a store, inside the small partition can move to adjust the size of each compartment.

On the side

But in general only very small objects, such as brooches and the like, the general usefulness, but because I love to put things together, lifting the lid, drawer type storage for me is not very practical, so to heart three.

PP small stuff / drug storage box was bought when I was in college, and I don’t know whether I’m selling it now. At that time, I used to buy seal box stapler, but now I don’t use much to store some things that I usually don’t use.

On the lower left:

Acrylic pen (good index:…)

Stackable acrylic two layer drawer (good index:…..)

Acrylic type 3 (cross layer index: good…..)

Acrylic pen cylinder, in general, no work, win in simple, reasonable price, and with the overall style also match.

Let me put out the decomposed diagram in my previous article, which is very useful as a separator.

In contrast I think two layers receive better, because the shape is suitable for stacking, the drawback is the price is more expensive.


Acrylic glasses / small things made (good index:…..)

Six (containing acrylic index: good…..)

A website map, the right is acrylic glasses / small things stand.

And can be used to receive glasses.

And just because of the size of paper tape with paper tape and I used to receive, storage effect can refer to the previous figure.

Six grid receipt is recently bought, as if it is a new product, look at the domestic official website has not yet come out of this. The height and vertical glasses holding, so you can easily cross stacked, single height than the glasses box is a little shorter, so can’t receive this paper tape, but it would be very convenient to store other stationery.

I used to have in the official website map, grid storage and clamp like rubber.


Can be stacked on the two layer acrylic drawer (good index:….)


And the storage effect of figure, it can also put some things.

There is also a PP storage that I placed on the bookshelf at the desk before. Before that, I also let go of it. But now the desk is moved to the bookshelf after moving. The place where Muji receives is that the sum of their own products can be superimposed with each other.

On the official website map, home shelves because is Muji, so the size just fit.

When placed on the outside and before this, because the material is PP, it is always a little awkward, but put what the book is good. .

The internal structure and check in.

The tabletop product of no prints is here. Below is a good thing for the ten yuan store.

Wood storage products.

Wood storage products mainly come from Daiso and local Japanese grocery stores. The price is not high. They are generally 10-50 yuan, and many of them are made in China, so Taobao should also find them.

Glue storage rack

In this wooden box for containing glue quality is also very good, I use 3M traceless sticker fixed on the wall, also can be used for hanging lightweight frame.

When is this, two pieces together increase the friction, increase the bearing coefficient. I think it’s good to use, better than the blue glue, and the blue glue will still leave a little trace on the wall. If things are small, you can cut one of them half off and put them together.

Small cabinets

Tape storage rack

When used to put the machine cat small wooden frame is the grocery store, placed in front of it is used for storage of paper tape, in a shop to buy ten yuan.

Wooden Storage hook

When wood is purchased from hook Dachuang, I always wanted a place with the hook, the just right.

Wooden box

These two wooden receiving boxes are also fixed with the 3M sticker.

And the last is the last wall with metal mesh storage, before Sumitomo recommended Taobao storebought.

I have another purchase of metal plates and metal frames to make full use of the grid. .

And the last pink small basket is in another shop to buy Taobao, but also can use collocation.

The above is all desktop receipt, next time will be free to update the jewelry collection and other receiving.

Long, thank you for reading this Sumitomo every

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