Bathrooms and receiving options

Bathrooms and receiving options

Last week, I watched the dream remaker with his family, and a designer said his design had been pursuing a balance between beauty and use. Suddenly, I found that my family and I had been pursuing these poles. I paid attention to the color, material and collocation of family, while family members were concerned about the safety and convenience of family. Every room in our family had the crystallization of our consultation and cooperation. Bathroom is one of them. The reception of my toilet is divided into two categories: explicit receipt and recessive collection. The dominant payment is in the beauty, and the recessive receipt is in use.


You receive something dominant bathroom including: often supplies, plants and deodorant. Because they appear in the range of sight, the unification of appearance and color is very important, especially in the small space in the toilet.

Washing and gargle


Check in key recommendation:

* big white hand lotion: although it is a simple two point line, it feels super.

* Foam Cleansing Milk: squeezing out is directly the bubble, which is very suitable for the working people to go out in the busy rhythm in the morning.

* pump type toothpaste: toothpaste with traditional generally need to get up, open the lid, toothpaste, cover and put the five steps back, but with this style of toothpaste only need to put the toothbrush in the pump head is pressed once, one step can squeeze the toothpaste, it is no weapon! But not like the traditional toothpaste is soft, on the table will not feel chaotic.

* CERAMIC toothbrush seat: in fact, there is no mouthwash in my house. I also used the cup a few years ago, but the cup is one of the biggest disadvantage is to regularly clean for a long time, the bottom of the cup will be dirty, but also occupy a space, either at home or travel, so I try to do without shukoubei, direct hand water gargle, found can be achieved gargle effect, avoid water pollution after the two cup.

* in plants

The green shade, put the toilet can grow well in a glass bottle stretch of the root also has beauty. The white base on the right is an electric toothbrush seat.

In fact, the more neatly and more neat and beautiful on the table, but if it is completely free, it will reduce the convenience of life. So there is a need to balance between beauty and use. As long as they are put out, we must try to keep them in the unity of color, appearance or material.

The toilet area.

Check * smart toilet cover

We changed the hardbound room ordinary toilet cover, the use of smart toilet cover, especially for older patients, and in particular women during each month is also very convenient.

* intelligent trash can

Next is the automatic opening dustbin, it is suitable for older patients and lazy cancer patients, hand on the side cover, good use I think the world should be equipped with a public toilet.

Two intelligent good things are the contributions of the family, and wear a small safflower.

* and deodorant

Above the toilet, it is a scent – free deodorant that inhibits the odor, but does not produce a scent. I always feel that there is no smell of toilet than scented toilet more comfortable, because the fragrance always gives people a clear feeling. The color is also a unified white, and the toilet is integrated into one.

Shower room

In the land of diatom mat *

The entrance to the shower is a diatom mat, which is more than one hundred times more than the traditional textile mat.

Diatomite is a kind of good absorbent stone, smooth surface, so cleaning is very convenient, when running water can be. And water absorbability is very good, shower out to stand on the top, the bottom of the foot of the water on the second dry, and then wear slippers is very comfortable. Although I bought a dirty white, it worked for a few months and did not produce any stains.

In fact, in humid places, white is a kind of more dirty color. What color is the water stain on the glass? Is white, so lazy cancer patients they can enjoy in the bathroom use of white goods, including the storage table and all kinds of bottles, white in the bathroom really dirty.

* the wooden floor of the bathroom

The bathroom is originally a ceramic tile, before wearing slippers into the bathroom, without feeling cool on the ground, wear and feel that it is not convenient to wash feet. So we bought this bathroom wooden floor, which is made of red cedar. The legend is that the sauna house is kind of wood, so it will not moldy. After that, the bathroom slippers are thrown away, and the comfort of bathing is on a higher level.

* bubble flask.

When used in the bath and various in cleaning supplies, in addition to hair conditioner, basically have to rub the bubble flow, so almost all cleaning supplies are I changed the bubble flask storage, then from the tedious process of rubbing foam. If you can’t tell what it is, put it on the label. In addition to large capacity and easy sorting, the square bottle is neatly pushed by hand to the wall. The white bubble bottle can not see water and stains. It is easy to identify the contents and the remaining amount, but it is easy to get water stains. Therefore, we should achieve a balance between beauty and consumption according to our habits.

When the suction head brush *

In the evening, the laundry is done together in the shower, so a set of tools is also available in the shower. In particular, it is recommended that this kind of suction head brush, erect, is not easy to accumulate water and dirt. The bath brush with table or bottles are very convenient.

* an electric toothbrush

Because every morning and evening do not want to get toothbrushes back and forth between the washing table and the shower, so the toothbrush toothpaste is prepared for two sets, and the teeth are slightly dirty at night, so the toothbrush also uses a larger electric toothbrush with greater cleaning power.

When in the shower head *

For I do not want to wash the head every day, this double head is very appropriate. The big head is used in the shampoo day, the hair can be washed very clean, the small head is used on the day of non shampoo, and this angle will not wet the hair. I did not use a shower cap at home, is also not find a nice shower cap, two shower cap need regular cleaning, and cleanliness for the busy I, a variety of additional items can be cut on the cut.

* bathroom cushion

Because there is a shower room air conditioner host position, so when one has to have Zuosi Zuotai, cushion ah, so I bought a piece of mat when the seat, sit on the cold tile countertops can be isolated, sparse weaving can also be quickly dried not moldy. It’s also a comfortable thing to sit on the table and rush to hot water.


Recessive collection is the way that one can not immediately find the receipt of the collection, simply to hide it. Mainly put those look very uniform and relatively commonly used items, such as skin care products, cosmetics, toiletries, original packaging, pots, towels etc..


We will close the cabinet is like this:

The opening is like this:

Where will the visual difference is implicit storage significance.

Cabinet is a variety of skin care products, cosmetics and other small things together. You can quickly find the items you want to use by putting small labels on the category. The bottom left is the most convenient one, so the most commonly used skin care products are placed. The highest one in the middle is not very common, and a business suit is set.

When is this open business suit, business travel for all small bottles can be stuffed, after a small label good recognition, convenient use.

Wash the cabinet.

All kinds of cleaning and bathing articles are collected in the cabinet below the wash table. The top two floors are drawers and shelves, and a variety of small objects, such as electric hair and glove cleaners, are placed. The next floor is a pulley basket, a large bottle of bathing articles, laundry and cleaning supplies. In order to identify the content, a small label is added. .

The choice of items and receipt schemes is ultimately determined by personal habits and hard loading environment, which can not be generalized. But the principle is certain: those that are not commonly used are hidden, and the ones that are commonly put out must be beautiful, so that we can achieve a balance between beauty and use.

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