A custom-made wardrobe for laziness star husband

A custom-made wardrobe for laziness star husband


In my case, my husband is clean and not tidy. I often go on a business trip and I can’t help him every day. So I put the side of the wardrobe to him, and hang it all. The clothes that need to be folded vertically (refer to the method of receiving the T – shirt below) to avoid the traditional padding.

I’m the one who folded my clothes, and I want it. Because of the limited space in the home, my part also has to take part in the function of a part of the laundry. So I put the original shelves removed, replaced by pulling the blue, abruptly more than the original a layer!

In addition, there are two flat and flat IKEA boxes under the bed, and the winter coat will not be squeezed. When the season is ironed out OK.


There are a lot of people who do not think of it, and the above do some supplement to the reception is also need to move brain things, it is like playing games, interesting and a sense of achievement!

The hot weather late this year, home wardrobe is just for the spring and summer. And this is not good for the wardrobe in a year and a half, the process of using side edge demolition to buy, and finally fixed to the current state of good ~ ~.

My wardrobe is well said, I love clean and neat, usually take more attention to take clothes.

What makes a headache is a husband’s wardrobe! My husband is more extensive, clean but not very fond of arranging. It is too strict for him to make a good stack of clothes. And I often go on a business trip, and there’s no way to help him with the wardrobe (also unrealistic) every day. So to his wardrobe transformation, the biggest appeal is: can maintain at least one week’s wardrobe neat and tidy.

According to the demand, it is very important that the clothes are the most convenient to take. The left wardrobe is given priority to, and it is broken to him. Specific thinking of the implementation process:

1, the coat, shirt and pants are all hung up.

2, the right lower corner is the shelf, deep and high. Remove the unsuitable shelf and change into a plastic drawer. According to the needs of our two reasonable arrangements.

After the change:

I took two of the plastic drawers. The husband and the T-shirt “standing” layout, can easily find more clothes than traditional stacked, and take in the process does not mess up other clothes.

When using the underwear storage closet lattice. The underwear is set up regularly, so only one cycle is placed. The long strip next to the belt is just right.

The spare bed is collected in a IKEA box with 2-3 commonly used beds. Replace it once a month. .

The husband’s wardrobe was in the picture last winter, and it proved to be reasonable. After the season the only change is in the drawer T-shirt from stacked into “stand”. In order to get a piece of clothes to mess up the whole situation should… It won’t happen… ?

My closet appeal: because my husband’s wardrobe can’t take over the functions of the season clothes, home spare and so on, my wardrobe needs more space.

After the change:

Right. It is through the wardrobe to the top shelf, very convenient. I have a single bell (before working), but the width of the cabinet does not conform to the ready-made blue net on the market. At this time, thanks to the universal Taobao – can be customized according to size!!! 5 baskets, 1000 small. A perfect solution to my wardrobe collection problem.

The deepest feeling in the process of modification is also the central meaning of the collection: it must be used for storage and arrangement rather than for storage. The former is a change in the center of the use of your family and your family, which is simply to take things away or look clean and tidy. .

I often ask myself before I change this: is it more convenient for him to put it here? Does this change, even if I leave home for a week, will he be able to maintain it well? .

After changes, it also takes some time to verify. If there is no test to withstand the practice, then move the brain to change the method of receipt. Check.

The next studio is also full of confidence to the home and the kitchen and the study to change to MMM! Step by step to ~

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